Parallel - What happens if one branch failed?

let’s say i have 3 branches in one parallel activity, like below pic:

Question: If branch 1 throw an error, but branch 2 & 3 doesn’t end, what happens next?
Option1: parallel activity will end, regardless branch2 & 3 finish or not
Option1: parallel activity will not end, when all branchs inside parallel finished, then end

What’s the answer, can anybody help to clarify? Thanks


Parallel activity won’t do like this.

Suppose BOT is performing actions mentioned in branch 1 and in between some popup came then you have to specify that in branch2 or branch 3 to handle that unknown popup etc…

still have the same question, what if one activity goes wrong, it will end all the branch or execute other branchs until all finished?


It won’t execute other branches.

Use Try Catch block to handle these kind of issues.

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