Parallel transaction items processing

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I am using RE Framework for one of my processes and in my scenario every transaction item involves a downloading step that takes around one hour . Is there anyway to run transactions in parallel for saving time ? I am also okay with not using RE Framework and doing some custom stuff if required . Please help.

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Hey @Naveed_Hakim1

Is it possible for you to know the file name with which it’s gonna download or is there a way to know that from your business case ?

This will help us to implement a workaround.


It actually keeps doing internal processing (that usually takes a lot of time) and then gives a notification that file is ready to download . Then we download so actually it is accumulation process that takes time not the actual downloading.

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Hey @Naveed_Hakim1

Yep, that part is fine.

But do you know the filename what you are going to download ?

Let’s say before the popup which you were saying ?


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No , it gives an auto generated name.

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Okay ruling out that option !

Could you please show me the UiScreen snap once on how are you initiating download.

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I see this screen . Then , it send notification in an hour or so that download is ready

Look into persistence activities, you can suspend your process for an hour (freeing up the machine and the licence) and have it wake up an hour later to check to see if the alert is ready.

You won’t be able to work with the REFramework, at least not without hacking it apart as persistence activities have to be on the entry point for the process.

Nope @Naveed_Hakim1

Can you show me where you click to make this popup come ?


I click on this download button and then get this pop up
I click export and see this screen

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Could you please show the one which you selected ?

Also just check is there any url tied to export button or once it is clicked is there any URL getting routed to ?

No there are no redirections , page loads stuff inform of widgets

Oh okay then I think for now we need to go with same method. Check if there is some API service for it.


If we click for download, there would be a internal processing, since it takes time if we logout and close the webbrowser, come back again after some time, do clicking the same link will do the internal processing or it will show the pop up?

May i get some info about this ?

yes , it will do backend processing even if we close browser. Once we come back after an hour or so , it will be ready in notification bar and stay there for 24 hours for us to download

Hello @Naveed_Hakim1 How about trying the below steps

  • Once the bot starts downloading the file loop back to get the next Transaction item from the queue(here the transaction item status still progress since we are not updating the status yet)
  • Repeat the process for all the items in the queue
  • Finally, use Get Queue Items Activity to get all the queue item status with in progress
  • Now, loop through each queue item and check the file download status and perform the remaining steps. Finally, updates the status of the queue as success/failure
  • Need some code changes in the framework to perform the above steps
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