Parallel Processing of Tasks

Can Uipath Robot process multiple tasks parallel within a workflow? If we are doing ticket assignment of Service now, ticket1, ticket2, ticket3 can be processed parallel to meet the stringent SLA? if yes how this can be achieved? Process for all tickets is same.

This cannot be done as multi-threading is not allowed in UiPath. You would need to run the process on the three machines and share the same queue to work through the items.

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Can you elaborate on the source?
I don’t recall anything specifically forbidding doing parallel processing within one process.

Admittedly, that would be a pain to work with, but not disallowed. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

It depends what you mean…I don’t see any easy way of using the parallels
activity to do a large number of steps (made an assumption here admittedly).

In the old days we could run multiple processes which may have been easier
(still not easy) to do this. This is now disabled.

Sure, there’s only one job at a time. But that doesn’t prohibit parallelization (and with Invoke Isolated you get a similar effect).
Still not easy to work with and I agree with you that horizontal scaling would be the obvious answer. Was just wondering if I missed something that actually prohibits it.
Thanks for a fast answer though :slight_smile:


go here and watch part 1 and part 2

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UiPath has a Parallel activity, but please keep in mind that it is single threaded. This means that it will do one task until it hits a pause (like waiting for a page to load, waiting for an element, etc) before going to the next. Unless you make a custom activity, there is currently no way to multi-thread in UiPath.