Parallel Activity - Work Flow Suggestion

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I Have developed a project aimed at handling desktop application using excel file numbers, requiring validation for each file. The validation process involve interacting with the application, and upon meeting certain conditions, generating a document. there are more than 5 validation conditions, each with its own workflow. If a condition fails, the process moves to the next file number. In the event of a system error during any validationstep, the validation for that work flow must fail, and the proocess should proceed to the next file number.

Iā€™m considering using a parallel activity where each sequence handles a different part of workflow. Sequence1 would execute smoothly unless a system error occurs. Sequence2 would be responsible for capturing and handling any system errors, but Iā€™m unsure how to implement this.

can someone provide guidance on this matter?

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If your validation logics are independent then only use parallel activity.

Develope separate workflows for each validation and invoke them from parallel activity. Also make sure you are checking isolate property of invoke workflow file activity. This will ensure each process will run independently.

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