Paint the selected green row of an Excel File as a green row

Hi folks, hope allright

Anyone could explain me what I can do or how I can paint a row of an Excel Sheet as a green row using UiPath?

Thank you guys!


Hi Pablo,

Have a look, should be self explanatory :slight_smile:

Great @esterba Thank you very much!

Its suposse that the whole row (row number 1) will be green painted right ?

Thank you very much! Never used it before, nevermind that it would be easier as this :slight_smile:

Yep the row number 1 will go green.
Good automating)


Some weeks ago i developed an Excel Scroll panel. Just to make some practices changing Excel background colors. Shows the word RPA scrolling from right to left in a Workbook. Its hardcoded and there’s no customization in the letters. Just for fun !!!

In case you wanted to take a look.

Miguel A. (68.5 KB)