Paid Certification Of UIpath

Can anyone please guide me about Paid certification of UiPath .
Which should i prefer paid or free, i have done free in 2019 it is expire which should i do paid or free and how much should i pay

Thanks in advance
Mohini Sonule

Hi @mohiniganesh15

2019 certifications was valid for 1 year, it means in 2020 the certificate ends, you should paid again and make this new certification, this is for the rest of your life so the best way is to paid it and make it again, you can start with the associate



You can do any…free means basically either your company is paying it mostly or you got it as a token…

Paid is you pay from your pocket

Back in 2019 free was only having one year validity…but I guess now both have same validity from the time the pearson exam has started

Please check this for rates

Associate - 150$
Professional - 200$
Business Analyst - 300$(as of niw there is 50% off)

Hope this helps


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