Pagination number instead of arrow or next button



i have pagination link it is in number 12345 format i am using data scrapping it is only working for single pagination please help me to fix this .

Thanks in advance


try to pass page number dynamically into Next page selector from properties "aaname=‘2’ "


Hi pathrudu,

Thanks for your reply , do i need to pass aaname=’*’ is this is a correct syntax .


i don’t thin sending * is correct as we doesn’t know weather it will take proper order or not. i just gave you my thought try in different ways. and check is it possible to pass dynamic value by incrementing.

if there is no other alternative last option:

keep data scraping activity in loop there you will get more number of data tables and need to deal with them.

but lets here from others too


Thanks pathrudu,

I have tried with * it wont work need to try with loop i guess.


Hi @vinay1,

Yes you are right in the aaname for page numbers just use index variable and loop through the pages till the last page is reached.

aaname=’" +index+ "’

Also while navigating to next page add a check using element exists activity to check if there is any next page or not.



Thanks priyanka.