Page no traverse

Hello all ,
am having PDF in this i need to process certain page no’s alone say for eg . 2,3,12,13,14,15,16
to process these page no’s am using list and am converting it as cint(item) to read a page no.

and policy no may contain any of this page no , i used regex to get a policy no.
Here my question is how should i traverse to all pages ? as per my foreach logic if page no.2 dosen’t contain a with my regex match it gets fail.
but i want to move it until the end page & find the exact match with my regex.
please help me to short this out.

Thank u
Happy automation :slight_smile:

@reachRPA, hi did you find the solution to this yet?

if not please share your workflow, i will see if i can get it to work.

still working on it. once it done let u know