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I need to fill the web form where I have filled the first page after getting toward next page the site or webpage is getting loaded, where my query is I have to fill the next page of a web form after the page got loaded in the URL bar is there any solution other than using delay?

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Hi @priyankavivek,

Please use Find Element activity. Indicate the element that will appear in the next page.
Then in the properties of the activities, use this:

  • Timeout: 30000
  • WaitForReady: Complete

Let me know if this works.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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thank you i will try this

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Feel free to approach me anytime :slight_smile:

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i was not able to use to select particular logo using find element so i tried using cv element any sugesstions?please

Try to use Find Image activity instead :slight_smile:

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ok i will try

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Hi there…

There is one more approach you can use,

  1. In the same attach window use on element appear
  2. Initialize the UiElement to ‘nothing’
  3. Keep repeat forever as false
  4. Keep checkboxes as ‘wait active’ and ‘wait visible’
  5. Keep continue on error as true and timeoutMS as around 3 seconds
  6. Retry it in a loop until an element is loaded by the webpage being complete.
  7. Keep the initial activities as ‘COMPLETE’
  8. Keep retry to a few times so that it will keep on checking whether the element as appeared and once it appears you can carry out actions on that UiElement passed as variable.

Hope this helps.


PS : Keep find image activity in the catch block or in a conditional statement if the element doesn’t load after all retries

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If any of the solutions helped you then close topic/question marking that answer as a solution :slight_smile: