Page layout collapses on after login at Orchestrator CE by Chrome browser

Hi everyone!
Today, I logged in My managed tenant on Orchestrator CE by Chrome browser.After I logged in, the page layout was collapsed.

1.before login

2.after login link

4.error dialog

5.after page reload

Is this my PC’s specific problem?

Few weeks ago, any browser(Firefox, Edge, Chrome) worked fine.
Please anyone suggest me!

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Fine it must be due to improper loading of the page buddy
nothing to worry, its a web application right…so it might happen due to network issue
you are going good
Cheers @patent-atanaka

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Now Orchestrator was migrated to

Login into above site and go to Services tab and there you can find your tenant name. Just click on that it will redirect into your Tenant region in the cloud.

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Thanks for your reply @Palaniyappan and @lakshman !
So today I try to log in new url .

But I cannot login at new url. There is another problem like below.

1.Input new url on chrome browser.

2.Click Advanced button at this page.

3.Click the link.

4.Click Login button.

5.But the page is freeze?

6.So change developer mode. And then try to do same operation.

7.But there is no network sequence.

What is wrong this? Please suggest me!!

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I guess some problem with your network only. We all are able to login and don’t see any problem in this. Could you please try it in some other network.

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Thank you for your reply @lakshman !
I’ll try to do with another network.

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Hi @patent-atanaka,

I think it’s a network issue. Try this from a different network and see if that gives you a different result or does it still behave in a manner similar to the one above.