Page Count

How we can store in asset how many pages data we want to scrape data.
Ex:i have data from multiple pages now i want to use variable to tell my dispacher from how many pages user want’s to scrape the data

Hello @Sandhya_Gajare

You can create a Number Asset in the orchestrator and add the required value. Then in your automation use the Get Asset activity to get the value from the orchestrator asset.

But will this page number be a static value or keep on changing?


You could store it as asset in orchestrator and inside Reframe work dispatcher you could get it using get asset activity.and don’t forget to mention asset name in config file

page number changing

suppose user enter only one page then will extract data from that one page only if use enter 10 then will extract data from 10 pages only like that…


You can set the asset value to do that. But if the user is giving some value for each execution, then better to use “Input Dialog” activity. You can get customer input and pass that value to the Table extraction.