Page container with 3 tabs, maintaining the info

Hello guys,

I tried to make something like the sample that UiPath made available:

Three buttons that open different pages on the page container, but maintaining the info if you go back on the previous tab.

Like, on the tab 1, I have a process that give me a string “Hello, World!”, when I go to tab 2, I make another process. So, if I go back to tab 1, it must have the string “Hello, World!” without having to play the process again.

Also, does the page container have scrollbar?

Please help!
Thank you guys!

Is it a web browser page?
If yes then you could use the idx attribute for switching among the tabs
Ex:- html app=‘chrome.exe’ idx=1

Hey, thank you for the reply!

I forgot to mention, but it’s made on the new content of UiPath, Uipath Apps.

It doesn’t use selector, so I can’t use the idx attribute.

The sample that I mentioned is the Sample 2.