Page 1 has less than 5 selected words as Page Matching Information. In document understanding UiPath while configuring template manager

Hi @sunil.kumar.s.v

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Please select at least 5 words for Page1 matching .

You can do that by dragging the mouse over some common fields and typing the hotkey as (1).You can use the fields attached in the screenshot.


Hi @suraj.setty I have already tried that part

Please drag the Mouse over more than 5 words, select the option “Tokens”.

And then use the hot key associated with “Page Matching Info”.

yea i have done that but it is only 1st one it is matching as token and the 2nd one all it is taking as default custom area

Can you please help to share the document if possible.

hi @suraj.setty thank you so much issue resolved

Hi @sunil.kumar.s.v

Please mark the solution as it will be helpfull for others with same query.


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