Packages need to install to use 2018 Orchestaror API's

Hi Team,

I am trying to use authenticate activity from my studio but I am not able see this activity. Which package I need to install to work on these Orchestartor API’s for 2018 version. Please suggest.

For web API requests, you need to install

UiPath.Web.Activities @katakam26

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I have already installed this package but still I didn’t get the activity “Authenticate”

You won’t get the activities like authenticate or start job, those are all the requests you need to send the specific data from the server. Please go through the documentation once again :slight_smile:

in 2019 version, I have seen the activity like this but I am not sure how to do this activity with 2018 version, can you please guide me?

Oh, Sorry @katakam26. I’m not sure about this activities and I don’t even know about those :slight_smile: