Packages-is there any solution to manually add more packages to default?

About Package:

  1. What’s the difference between project level package and application level package?
  2. Sometimes we have to install new packages when we run one old project, is there anyway to automatic this?
    I expect to resolve the problem, no package limit when I dev or run project?
    Hope I am clear, thank you for your help!


Check this

Hope this will answers your question


What you mean by these here @hyxu, I’m not clear about this question you have and coming to answer, yes we have, project level packages which are required to perform particular activities only in that project, we don’t need to install those in all the projects. And application specific is something we need to think of, we have activities which needs to be installed whenever we want to work on those, to give you more details, we need to install Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel if we want to invoke a piece of code to do some tasks in excel.

  1. If we transfer the file with the project.json including in the zip file or folder we are sending, then we don’t need to install the dependencies again