Packages causing functionality issues

I have been experiencing problems with the application over the last few months. Package upgrades are removing functionality I use. For example:

• Sending a hot key with delete or enter has stopped working after a recent package upgrade
• I am having A LOT of problems with excel application scope
o Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t
 When I try to replace with System Read Range, or System write range I get null exceptions because not all cells may be populated in a range
• The bot can no longer filter email based upon the property panel filtering such as “[Attachment]=’XXXX’”
• The bot cannot always, successfully, determine who is a sender or not.

These are just examples of functionality issues in the packages that have been occurring since November…ish. I am running:

UiPath.System.Activities v 19.10.1
UiPath Excell Activities 2.7.2
UiPath Mail Activities 1.7.2
UiPath UIAutomation Activities 19.11.1