Package upgrade dependency with platform upgrade

Hi, There are certain packages which mentions about having specific version of platform to be installed in order to function properly. For example, for deserialising Json /Json array , we import the UiPath web API activity package , and we could see that the latest version of the same recommends for UiPath platform of 22.10.5 or above in order to avoid any missing features/unexpected behaviors . However some of the activites related to the package works fine with lower version of studio as well. Is it recommended to use those in lower version of Studio ? Or is there any specifics to be checked on “unexpected behaviors” that is bound to occur. Could you please suggest your views on the same.

Hi @Sammyboy

It is always recommended to use the recommended platform versions specified by the package creators to avoid any missing features or unexpected behaviors.

Unexpected behaviours if we say, a package relies on a certain feature or capability that is only available in the recommended platform version and is not available in the lower version, it may produce problems, such as crashing or producing invalid or incomplete results.

Additionally, using a lower platform version may also lead to security vulnerabilities or compatibility issues that may cause the package to function differently than intended.

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No unexpected errors should occur. In my experience, features are usually missing. An example for this would be the collapsing function of the Else branch at IF


If you are using high version of Studio and using a older packages, it’s always better to have the latest package version, if that is not working fine then you can always downgrade the package

But keep all the package upto date is suggested


In my case, the Studio used is 2019 version and the activity package is 1.16v which recommends 2022v of studio. However the specific activity from the 1.16v package works fine with 2019v of studio. Thats why I was quite curious about the unexpected error (OOTB) that may occur


It’s always a recommendation to have the latest packages as the dependencies are tested under that version, But some of the version might met already and running fine in your 2019 version.

Sample as below

but If you choose other version number then It will matches to your current studio version

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