Package Manager -> Available -> All Option


@productEnt Do you use All in Package Manager -> Available? In which scenarios?




I use this option when I want to find the activities quickly when am using multiple sources to use the package.



Let’s put it otherwise.

With 18.2 we want to add the community feed by default. But the community feed is free for all. Anyone can upload junk. Therefore we’ll add a disclaimer like this.

However, we can’t add the disclaimer to the All… or it’s complicated now.

Therefore, if you would have to choose what would you? Which is more important? And why?

  • All functionality for aggregate search in feed, no disclaimer
  • Having a disclaimer on the community feed but only individual feeds

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I’m somewhat indifferent, because I don’t use the All option alot, but more flexibility and options are a good thing in my opinion. So, I lean toward keeping it.

Can’t your disclaimer be descriptive enough to include both disclaimers like for example: “Packages built by UiPath start with UiPathTeam and are not officially supported. All other packages are not developed, endorsed, or verified by UiPath.”

Either way, I don’t think removing the All option is a good idea, even though I personally don’t need it.


I kinda like the “All” option especially if you have multiple feeds. But also it is not that important, you don’t change the packages on a daily basis.


It will be good if we can put All and disclaimer as well.