PaaS Orchestrator

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I request you to clarify below questions:

What is the difference between PaaS and SaaS Model orchestrator? what are the advantage and disadvantages?

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Hi @d.s.sekar
Refer the below image its same as to all

On Prem

Hi @d.s.sekar
UiPath has a SaaS offering wherein Orchestrator is hosted by UiPath. More details available here - Automation Cloud Services - Governance of RPA Projects | UiPath

As for Orchestrator on PaaS. This effectively means running UiPath Orchestrator on an Azure subscription managed by you. The Orchestrator web app can be deployed on an Azure App Service whilst the Orchestrator database can be deploy on Azure SQL. Azure App Service and Azure SQL are considered PaaS offerings of Microsoft Azure.

For our business we chose SaaS. This is the more economical option + you can test, if something does not suit you, then refuse.