Overwriting Date.Time.Now

Hi everyone,

I am developing a bot and i need to check how it reacts to specific days of month and first days of new year. Is there a way that i can overwrite “Date.Time.Now” as i use it in my formulas?

Thank you


Can you share few examples to understand your issue?


Hi @batuhan,

You can try the suggested solution from this link

With this you can test out different day on your not as you wish.

Sure, I setup all my variables on Date.Time.Now(dd/MM/yyyy) format and it’s working correct now. However, I have some conditions for example if Now will be 01.01.2021 it should react as 31.12.2020. Therefore, I want to assign sample dates to test how bot reacts. Please let me know if it s not clear

maybe i misunderstood it but this is more like changing the time format dd/MM to MM/dd. I need to change the system date from 13.11.2020 to 01.01.2021