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I have a excel with 2 sheets (Cars,Cars2). I need to copy the Cars2 data and paste in Cars. But the condition is: Before pasting the data, I need to remove the Dec-19(Col E:Month) related data(Col A to E) without affection G & H column in Cars.(Ref: the attached excel) How to perform this task using UI Path.Cars.xlsx (14.5 KB)

Like this:

Processusvierge.zip (852,4 Ko)

Hello Anthony,

Thanks for the quick reply. The range of the data are dynamic.I.e columns are static and row count is dynamic, sometimes we got more data or very less.

A better mousetrap. Just pass the date in format “yyyy-MM-dd” (e.g. “2019-12-01”) as an argument and it will delete any dates matching your input.

Also, this was fun to build! :slightly_smiling_face:

Processusvierge.zip (27,2 Ko)

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Great!! This flow works fine! Thanks a lot for your support Anthony :smile:

Hi Anthony,

I too have the same scenario and tried with your bot, But got below mentioned error.
Could you please check the bot.

image NSA.zip (107.4 KB)

I see. It’s failing on the first read range because of a memory error reading too much data. Set Read Range - Cars to only read the Months column (column AJ). This is an optimization which dawned on me after I had already uploaded the project, but this will make reading the data much faster.

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