Override Queue Item Retry Number

Hello All,

I am using the RE-Fremework to automate a process. I have set up a Queue with Unique Reference and have Auto Retry set to 3. The MaxRetryNumber in my config is set to 0 and the retry mechanism works as intended. The problem that I’m facing is the following:

If an Item fails after a specific part of the process it should not be retried (for business reasons). I have enclosed the “Point of no return” part of the process in a Try Catch and I can tell whether the item can be retried or not. Is it possible to overwrite the TransactionItem.RetryNo with an Assign to make sure that it won’t be retried?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

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Hey @alex.sparos,

Better option will be to avoid using queue auto-retry as we have less control over it.

Instead, try using the max-retry in the config comparing with the retry variable in main.

You also need to tweak a little in set tx status - system exception block’s retry mechanism.

This may help you.


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