Overload of item

Can anyone please let me know how to resolve this issue .
I am trying to increment the counter and pass the counter value for fetching values from data table .

Hi @priya_joshi_thaneti,

Can you directly pass the index and see whether you are able to retrieve the value or not or if you are getting the same error.

Is your assign inside a for each loop?

Hi @priya_joshi_thaneti

use the below expression and see whether it works


I assume row is the one you get in the For Each row activity. If you are trying to access the value without a loop, use below

Dt_YourVariable(Counter) to access the particular row


I am able to pass the index directly and can work with the code .

But when i am using a variable which is counter , i am getting this error

What is the variable type for ‘Counter’ - is it generic? Make sure it is integer and it should work correctly

it is type integer and I am still having the issue

Hi @priya_joshi_thaneti,

Can you provide your workflow, will have a look at that