Outsourcing of RPA

As part of my bachelor thesis research, I have some questions regarding the outsourcing of RPA. The more I research more I become confused with the concept of RPA outsourcing, because I fear that I am conflating it with BPO and Outsourcing in general. I would appreciate it if anyone could shed some light on this topic. Especially, what can be defined as RPA outsourcing in particular and when a customer would want to have their RPA solutions outsourced? If anyone can help me to understand the key concerns of RPA outsourcing, it would be a great help.
I am hoping for any answers or suggestions.
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do you mean , to have the RPA solution made by people outside of the company?

Yes, it could be that but I am finding it difficult to specify the concept. For example, if the customer uses a RPA service provider such as UI path to develop solutions, it is certainly not as same as hiring an independent RPA developer to build solutions. But when can it be called outsourcing, since in both cases the customer is seeking help from the outside rather than building the solution in-house?

Hi Ahmed,
According to me, when a customer does not hire RPA developers but seeks help from RPA solutions provider company it is considered as RPA outsourcing.