Outputting Values from Orchestrator for the customer

Hi all

We have a customer with 2 floating attended bot licences shared amongst 50 or so users.

I’d like to build a simple process so the customer can check every 15 mins or so (or when the process is requested to be run) which users have the licences as the customer sometimes loses track of them.

Can I build something which scrapes who has the two licences at any one time from orchestrator in to an excel file or similar? Is this the most practical way to do this , or can you please recommend other solutions?



Hi @jordrowley

That’s quite interesting scenario. Thanks for posting it over forum.

Yes it’s possible to scrape, But there is a bit better way of doing it via background.

We have something called orchestrator API which enables a programmatic interaction with orchestrator resources.

Access it through your <orchestrator link>/swagger

Coming to the licensing part,

This may help you.


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Hey @Nithinkrishna this really helps, thank you. I’ve suggested it to my team :slight_smile:


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