Outputing the result of a data of IsMatch, not the bolean result


I have string : BRBfFWEWmMCDASaSt

My need : I need to check if :

Is there a B.
Is there a R
Is there a Bf
Is there a F

and so forth.

My regex will probably be in 2 stage.
My best try is (B) that give a positive on B and the Bf.
Now i need to check the result B and BF and regex the question If we remove Bf, is the a B ?

This will give me a real answer for the first B. Yes there is a B even if there is a Bf.

I need to do that for every part of the string.

How do I tell uipath, look at this string, is there that letter ? if yes wrote that in a variable, then look at that variable and tell me, if we remove these letter, does that letter remain ? If yes do a action.



I now can use a if statement because i can use : (B(?![f]))? To find my first B

My problem is that (B(?![f]))? work on the site regextester.com but not in UIPath.

Was missing “”.

Solved myself

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