Output Window of Studio

That would be a nice feature to display output window of Studio independently from Studio. We can display all the logs and steps in any part of computer screen while robot is actually doing operations on UI.
This is a nice trick while executing a PoC.


You can actually unpin the output window from the main window by drag it. Later you can dock it back if you want to. Is there any limitation when you are doing that?


I mean the following scenario.
Output window is bound to Studio, when you minimize Studio it also gets minimized.

That would be great, output window to have a feature to enable to stay always on top even the Studio is minimized so we can show live logs of robot while focusing on the process. It would be very helpful for PoC scenarios.


I see, that makes sense

One can undock panels in the UiPath Studio but the entire Studio would minimize (including undocked panels/windows) when a workflow is executed. It would be great to have a always visible output panel for viewing real-time output messages coming from the workflow execution.

I intend to have the output panel on a second monitor and have workflow execution on the first monitor. This way when I run a workflow, I can see the execution on first screen and output messages real-time in the Output Panel in the second monitor (or even in the first monitor by placing it there). This will be very helpful during development and debugging.

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Hi @nougain,
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I guess only authorized users (admin) can do that. @ovi @badita

Speaking of Output window, I would love to be able to copy the content from output window or even better if its possible to export it (that might be way too much to ask). This way I can compare results with my previous run.

@PD2 - This might be of some help: For WriteLine, have a look at the property TextWriter. Use something like… File.CreateText("<some_path>/TextWriter.txt"). Log messages go to Log file, WriteLine will go to the file path provided through the TextWriter property.

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I certainly can see the log files with every single detail about the activity execution, but I like to have only the contents on the output window, with the custom messages I’m printing with the values.