Output of transaction item is removed after next transaction is in progress

Hey there

i am updation transaction’s output with set transaction status but output of pervious transaction is removed after next transaction go in in progress. Is there anyone have any idea about that?

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We should update the queue item status before going to the next transaction item.

What do you mean by Output of previous transaction item is Removed ?

Hey @emre_berat_nebioglu

Output of the transaction can be set only for successful items, I hope your item was successful?


yeah i set trasnsaction status succesful otherwise error is raised.
What i mean is i updated output of transaction. Later another queue item go into in progress and i checked the output of succesful item. And I saw the output was empty.


Can you please share the screenshot of the expression you are trying here.

Hello @emre_berat_nebioglu ,

Where you are setting this output?. If the transaction status is successfull the particular item is processed successfully. Then where this output is not getting updated?

Actually i solved the problem i set queue item as succesful and in the framework there is set transaction status it updates succesful item as succesful again. Problem is solved i didnt expect that.