Output is triggered even before the Webpage is loaded completely

Main.xaml (9.1 KB)

I have created a simple flowchart based process (Based on the learning from UiPath Project Organization 5.3, video tutorial)

  1. Start
  2. Sequence
    2a. Go to webpage -> Click Generate
    2b. GetText -> Assign to variable
  3. MessageBox -> output variable value

Now what is happening is, when the 2a is being executed, the messagebox is showing and displaying the old value. I have set the “WaitForReady = COMPLETE” as well, but still the message box comes up with old value.

How to solve this.

Hi @wahsukhi

Try to include get text sequence in Open Browser activity sequence and see if that works.

I think it is outside the Open Browser activity


Ok will try this, but I do not want to open a new browser every time. What if I have the browser open and the automation is upon already “opened browser” and the setting “WaitForReady = COMPLETE” is already set in the respective action containers. Then how do you solve it.

Well, seems like if we provide a sufficient delay in “DelayAfter” property we get the new value. This hack works. But we cannot determine the internet speed to time it takes to load the pages and I think to solve this issues only the property of “WaitForReady = COMPELTED” was provided. Am I correct here?

Yes you are right. But if you performing something on a webpage then why not perform everything in that seauence only

It is all done in the same sequence. What I am trying out here is the feature “Extract as Workflow”. I believe that I do not need to open and close the browser each time. I also open a browser for the first time OR I can check for the browser which is opened using the feature “Selector” OR use the feature like find image in how it is demonstrated in one of your “Citrix Learning” using “Image Finding” techniques. There a multiple ways which can be achieved but I am just following the method which was shown in the tutorial videos.

Attached is the screen shot of my sequence - NOTE: I have not used “Open Browser” activity here instead just followed the video tutorial. There should be something missing which was not demonstrated or skipped in the video and we have missed it.

Hey @wahsukhi

Did you try “WaitForReady = NONE” , also you could use the delaybefore property or a seperate delay activity before the message box.

WaitForReady = NONE" - No I have not.
DelayBefore - Yes I have
Seperate delay activity - What is the main difference between DelayBefore/DealyAfter VS dealy activity?

I shall try and update

I dont think there is any major difference between the two. It all depends on where you need to use it.
For example, if there is a delay before/after property for an activity then you dont really need a seperate delay activity, but if you need to put delays at random points in your workflow preceeding aur succeeding which there is no activity having a delay before/after property then you’d need a seperate delay activity.

Other than that i dont think there is anything much to it…

Hope i was clear!

Yes it does make sense. Thank you.