Output information for Set Transaction Status activity is not visible



I have following situation: I add cashout information in Output field from “Set Transaction Status” activity for all three statuses (Successful, Failed and Failed with Business Exception). But I see only the output information in the view Transactions/Item Details in the Orchestrator when status is set successful. Is this a bug or is this a wanted feature?


Right now that is by design. Should a failed transaction have output?


Yes it would be nice and very helpful for us, especially in failed case. We fill the field output in this activity in every exception handling case and want to see the output content in Item Details. I would like to know why you decided to print out the output content only in success case! Thanks for your understanding


We thought that the output makes sense only for a succesfull transaction.
However, in 2017.1 you will have a Progress field that can be written at any time during the transaction processing.


I would suggest to allow setting of output information in case of exception as well.
It’s a own SetTransactionStatus-activitiy for each status and implementation could decide to set output information or not.
There is no need to forbid it.

Useful scenario:
We would like to set the created contract number as output information

  • in case of succesful transaction -> back office team could use information for review purposes
  • in case of exception (we do not delete created contract) -> back office team use information in manual expection handling to search for contract and finish work

So - of course there are a lot of workarounds e.g. using kibana reports - but if back office team work with queue only in manual exception handling (and this would be helpful) it make sense to have output information in exception case as well!

And i think the Progress field feature was created for other purposes?!


Progress was created for the purpose of setting/loging any data/information during the transaction processing.
It may be used for review too.


I do not understand why output parameters should not be used for that case in future releases (for me e.g. a contract number is an output information in exception case as well)
but ok, Progress would be an additional workaround…


Progress Field is better for persistent data.

However, when upgrading from 2016.1 to 2018.1 + workflows will not work (output can only be set for successful transaction error) which creates additional work, so adding it back in may be useful for that reason. Others may also have a good reason for wanting to output data that doesn’t necessarily persist to the database - for example a transaction number, current status etc…

Good thing about UiPath is we have multiple ways of doing the same thing which this allows.