Output field in Set Transaction Status as Dictionary

Please enable adding Output values as Dictionary or in any other format that supports bulk change. This will allow not to create separate arguments but use only one variable of type Dictionary.

For now I can only create separate arguments.

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Can you please detail your usecase? Where would you benefit from outputting the dictionary directly to a variable?

thanks for reaching out @alexandru
Use case: I would like to update Output of Transactions using Set Transaction Status activity.
I plan to have different type of transactions and I would like to have different fields in the Output for different kind of Transactions.

For example, for Transaction Type 1 I would like to have Field 1 and Field 2, and for Type 2 - Field 3, Field 4 and Field 5. And with current setup i would need to create two separate Set Transaction Status activities listing relevant fields as on screenshot

Suggested solution: implement something similar that already exist for activity Invoke Workflow. ArgumentsVariable field accepts Dictionary of String, Object and enchants activity reusability

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Thanks for the detailed usecase. Sent the feedback to our tracking tool to be considered for future development.