Buenos dias, tengo la siguiente consulta, basicamente arme una automatizacion que se fija mediante unas fechas, quien cumple años a lo largo de la semana, y en caso de que ninguna persona cumpla años tambien lo notifica. El problema es que quiero poder enviar estos mensajes, que arme en un flujo de IF, mediante Outlook. Y no estaria sabiendo bien como hacerlo, alguno sabe o me podria dar una mano? Adjunto captura:

Este es mi flujo IF (los msj que quiero enviar en el cuerpo de mi mail son los LOGS):

y esto es lo que muestra Outlook en el panel de salida:

La idea seria enviar todo lo que aparece en el panel de salida en el cuerpo del mail de Outlook.

Good morning, I have the following query, basically assemble an automation that is fixed by some dates, who turns years throughout the week, and in case no person turns years also notifies. The problem is that I want to be able to send these messages, which I assemble in an IF flow, using Outlook. And wouldn’t I be knowing how to do it, would anyone know or could give me a hand? Attached screenshot:

This is my IF flow (the msj I want to send in the body of my mail are the LOGS):

and here’s what Outlook shows in the output pane:

The idea would be to send everything that appears in the output panel in the body of the Outlook mail.

Use the send outlook mail activity

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You can use Send Outlook Mail message activity, but you need to have the outlook configured with in your system

For details you can follow @T0Bi Link

Hope this may help you


the problem that I would not know how to represent the different strings in each of my IFs in the Send Message activity. Could you send me a picture?

Yes, I know that page. But I would not be leaving, how would it be to be able to represent the different Strings that I have in my IF to be able to send it through Outlook?

Oh now I understand your problem
create a variable outside of the If

Then assign the different strings in If or in else
and after the if, send the outlook message

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yeah, I was doing just that! thank you!

the only problem that remains is that it does not let me put 3 variables in the body, how could that be done?
because if I work only with 1, when going through the different dates it will only be left with a single value in the string. Since the function of sending the mail I have it outside the for each

attached capture


use +

mensajeCumpleHoy + " " + mensajeCumpleSemana + " " + mensajeNoCumpleSemana

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thanks a lot!
Last question, how could I put an endl? that is, a line break. Simply to make it more neat.

How can I change the font of my message sent by mail? A century gothic with a size of 11 ??

The only way would be to send a mail with HTML.
In the send mail activity there’s a checkbox for HTML, but then your Body has to be HTML as well.
In order to have a body you like you could send an outlook mail to yourself with a text. Then get the HTML body of the mail and save it in uipath. You could then use .replace() to replace the text from your email with your text generated in UiPath.

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could you send me screenshots of the procedure? I do not understand how I could use replace for the case of my text and where is that function invoked?


You can use VB.NET code in the assign activity. In this case you have your htmlBody (read from config, or a file) and replace some text within the html with your new text.

Make sure to check IsBodyHtml in the send outlook mail activity

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