Output data to Orchestrator for a 'Failed' transaction status?

Hi all,

I am wanting to post Output data to Orchestrator for a transaction even if I set the transaction status to ‘Failed’.

The ‘Set transaction status’ activity doesn’t allow an Output (Collection) to be posted when the status is set to ‘Failed’. Is there a reason for this and/or a way around it? Is there a way that I can post my Output (Collection) data before I set the status as ‘Failed’?


I don’t think there’s a non-clunky way of doing this unfortunately. Even if you assign the output property to the HTTP request payload, Orchestrator seems to ignore it and default this to ‘null’ when the successful flag is set to false (regardless of what order it is executed in). Just looks like non-existent functionality - having it set to ‘Successful’, passing the output there and then updating to ‘Failed’ is likely the only workaround. Interested to see if anyone else can come up with something here

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Good suggestion - setting it to Successful and passing the output paramaters and then setting it to Failed works well.

Hi, How did this work? Can you provide some screenshots/sample Xaml?