Output data table - cannot get values of data table

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That’s right - that is why I am trying to find an alternative way of inputting the data so that the table can fit into the slide

Is there a way of getting the row index of the data row obtained? That way I can read range of that data table and put it into the ‘add data table to slide’ activity


I’m not using a for each so this won’t work

I’ve tried this:

But got this error:

The dtTableNew is a variable of type data table I have made

In the variables panel, set the Default for dtTableNew to New System.Data.Datatable

You have to initialize it before you can add to it.

don’t put drCorrespondingRow into the DataRow property. Put drCorrespondingRow.ItemArray into the ArrayRow property.

With this:

I get this error:

The error message is pretty clear. You need to use Build Data Table to set up the columns in dtTableNew

The data still doesn’t fit into the slide - the table is way to big

When I am using the build data table activity then using the add data row activity → I think the bot doesn’t know which columns to put the data in:

Is there a way of getting the index of the data row then reading range for that which will give me a data table → then can input this into the add to slide activity

None of that is going to have any effect on what ends up in the slide. A datatable is just data, there’s no formatting nor size to it.

Have you done this?

I cannot use that method as it uses a data table as an input whereas I have a data row variable

Is there a way of adapting that method to accommodate for a data row variable?

ItemArray is a property of datarow, not datatable.

This worked! When I was writing the data row into Excel I misread it and thought the row was split between multiple columns but it wasn’t!

Thank you!

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