Output data table adding text to outup result

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Im exporting some that from excel that i need to paste into one of our systems, the problem im having is that the data output is adding the “column 1” text into the output text. example below.

how can i make so the output is only the infomration i need in this example the 95***


Instead of converting datatable to string try this In set to clipboarddatable.rows(rowIndex).item(columnIndex).tostring

Let us know if this works.:slight_smile:
Pavan H


If you’ve just read data in 1 cell (D3), try Read Cell activity. And you can set the output data to clipboard with: outputdata.ToString


By default the AddHeaders is Enable at the Read Range activity.
Try to uncheck the AddHeaders options.

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if you want all data from only one column then do something like this…

String.Join("",(From rw in dt select x = rw(0).ToString))

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