Output arguments not being saved

Hi All,

I am facing an issue wherein the argument is not getting saved in output variable and hence I am not able to use it. Please find below screenshot, I am not sure why I am having this issue.

In my extractTaxID workflow I am extracting taxID.

When I am printing taxid inside ExtractTaxID workflow it is giving the output as expected.

Now when I am trying to print the taxID in the parent xaml it is giving me an error.

System error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


@Chetan1809 Change direction to In/Out and check

  1. check if the argument is there or it disappeared …because even i faced this issue if the argument disappears then i have the solution.
  2. it also happens when you have created both the argument and the variable with the same name.(check if you have created the argument by the name in_TaxID)

Done but did not help

Hi Buddy @Chetan1809

Kindly check whether this writeline activity is used before the invoke workflow of “ExtractTaxID.xaml” , that must be only possibility as everything looks good
if this writeline activity is used prior to the invoke workflow, the value of in_TaxID will be null obviously, only if the write line is used after the invoke workflow of “ExtractTaxID.xaml” and we would be getting the variable in_TaxID with value in it…
this should work for sure, you were almost done
Kindly check once and let know buddy
Cheers @Chetan1809

@Chetan1809 don’t worry bro even i faced the same issue,just try to create the new workflow for the same to generate the taxid.

Thanks all , problem has been resolved. Issue was because a variable with same name was existing and the value was somehow being overriden, when I created a new variable the issue was resolved.

@ashley11 @Palaniyappan @venkatmalla6 @indra

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