Outlook w/ multiple addresses

I am trying to send and recieve messages from an outlook mailbox that has multiple addresses assigned to it. One of the addresses is owned by the first address and I don’t know how to use the get mail messages activity to pull mail from the second address. Additionally, I don’t know how to send messages from the second one either.

I don’t understand this @UiUser. Correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:… You want to filter the mail messages only from the second address?

You can give the TO address specifically to send mails from the second address. But you need to authenticate before that providing any address mail ID and password in the username and password fields in the properties of the send mail activities which you are using :slight_smile:

@HareeshMR Hi, my outlook recieves emails from two different email addresses and i wanted to use the getmail activity to recieve messages from only one of them.

Then you can give the mail in the account property @UiUser

@HareeshMR Yes I have put the correct email as a string in the account box as well as the correct inbox, however i am still recieving an error saying account not found. Do you think because this second email is tied to my original one and is not the main signed in account it is giving an error?

Are both emails accounts are configured in outlook when you are running the BOT?