Outlook Trust Center Setting Issue

Hi Guys,

In my production machine, for outlook I have enabled the below settings. But some how it is getting reverted to first option. What should be done in this case any idea?

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It could be related to Group Policy implemented by your company.
Group Policy get refresh after fixed intervals where it will checks and change the system setting according to company policy.

If you can let us know what issue you are facing with the first option, we might be able to provide you solution for it.

Thanks @AkshaySandhu

I am getting the issue when Robot is trying to send the email.

There is one popup which is coming to allow the access.

It is annoying and add extra steps, but I had no choice with company policy. Just incorporate the popup into your program, an extra click or two is all.


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Use Send Outlook Mail activity inside Parallel activity along side the click activity to Click on allow.

Something like this

i was facing same issue and i handle it by if popup appear letting the robot click on popup.

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Hi @shreyash_shirbhate ,

The mention is for Production Machine, so we are assuming you have already tested in the Dev/UAT and such scenario is not occurring there.

If so, you could contact the Customer/Client’s Support Team and describe this as it is a Prod machine, we understand some constraints must have been enabled and look with them if possible to disable.

If the same is also occurring in the Dev/UAT and the Security/Support team and insists on keeping it, we would have to handle using the UI activities as mentioned.

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Hi Arpan @supermanPunch,

There is no such settings which is in our hand right? We need to contact the IT team.

I thought there should be some settings related hack in our hand. :slight_smile:
I have raised this on forum to see if someone has new thing but looks like all of us are on same page. :slight_smile:

I was keeping the UI Based click solution option at last and was finding out the alternatives. But now looks like I do not have any other option.


Yeah Thanks @Yazan_Otaibi

I am aware of the click option. I was finding out if someone has settings related hack for this. Anyway thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

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@michael.zura I feel your pain. That’s why I was exploring the different option but now it looks like I need to go with the click activity.


@shreyash_shirbhate ,

If the Settings is reverting back to the First Option even though you have changed the option, then it would mean a compliance setting is in place which does that.

You could take the confirmation from your Support Team and check on it.

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