Outlook Sending lots of E-mail with only one Send Outlook E-mail activity

Hi All,

Recently my RPA Outlook sent a lot of E-mail to the user, but in the code there was only one Send Outlook E-mail Activity. The E-mail received even including the mail sent 2 days ago. The Activity is not in the loop.

Is there any way I can find out what cause the issue?



How many times BOT ran ? Is it one time ?



Then it should send one mail only. Could you please check it the entire process once and may be somewhere it went wrong.

It was good last week, but magically went wrong this week.
If I put the condition wrong in the loop it should be sending the same E-mail not the histroy E-mail.

Is there any other reason might cause the issue except the coding bug?


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I don’t have a solution but I have noticed similar behavior with my bots. We have a daily report bot that should send one email each morning but on some days it will send emails from past days as well.

A quick google search shows that this problem can occur if a virus scanner integrates with Outlook, I think that maybe the UiPath integration with Outlook could cause a similar issue.