Outlook second mailbox

How do I get outlook to get mail from a second mailbox? I use an exchange server so can’t use multiple accounts as I’ve seen suggested here, using the full folder path Mailbox - XXXXX\Inbox doesn’t work as the Robot thinks the folder doesn’t exist


is the both mailboxes configured in same outlook ?

HI Lakshman, I have attached a screenshot of my outlook

both mailboxes are configured into my outlook


I configured two mailboxes in my outlook and it is working fine for me and i specified account name as xxxx@outlook.com and mail folder as “Inbox”.


Are both mailboxes on exchange for you? My configuration is achieved by going to Tools > Account Settings > (double click exchange account) > More Settings > Advanced > Open these additional mailboxes. I’m using Outlook 2007.

Sidenote: I can’t get the get outlook mail activity to work with any account information, as I technically have just one outlook account so the field needs to be blank

The mailbox I need access to is a shared mail box, it doesn’t have an account as it is simply a mailbox - I have attached my account page (from control panel > mail > email accountsEmail accounts

I have the same problem. Did anybody find a solution?

I found the only solution was to use Exchange activities and get the credentials for the inbox you need to look at, I know this isn’t always practical, but it is reliable.

The problem is that I do not know the credentials. It is a shared mailbox that is not mine and probably it won’t be easy to get the credentials, I was just given access to it.

Somethin else?

Hi Raool,

If you have orchestrator you could use a credential asset and then the owner(s) of the mailbox could have control over the information in that asset, if security is an issue.

There is no way to get emails from a different inbox to the one of the user account running the robot without credentials currently.

You could use clicks and application interaction to get the robot to open outlook and retrieve the email though.

Regarding Get Exchange Mail Messages.

Are you using the EmailAutoDiscover option when identifying the Exchange-mailbox?

I am in the same situation as you, with two Exchange mailboxes, and I am not able to identify any of them.


I am using Exchange autodiscover, it’s important to get the Version correct here. The credentials you use need to be for the account you’re using.

AutoDiscover gives you a server connection by using a known email address and the server version to identify the server address to connect to. It doesn’t need to be the same email as the account you’re looking to access.