Outlook programmatic access resets

We set our Outlook Programmatic access to no warning, but periodically it is reset in the VM (we are in the cloud), causing our notification emails to fail. Anyone else had this issue? Is it license related? Or a Group Policy?


Hi @khordination,
Could you explain this more. I’m not sure if I got it right.

Hi Pablito, thanks for the response. It is an environmental issue we have running unattended bots. they send emails, so the programmatic access needs to be set to no warning. This setting is not sticking for some reason; we can’t figure out if it is a license issue, a group policy, or something else. Surely someone using a windows 2012 server has had this issue before!?

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I’m not sure if I could say here anything valuable. Anyway from my experience of being servers administrator you could start from RSOP which could put some light and prove that settings are not changed by any other policy as well as checking if there is no startup script which is triggered somewhre in domain. Next thing I would check is if this setting is not a part of local group policies written directly on golden image (write protected). It happened couple times to me. And lastly (happens very rarely) if there are more than one Domain Controler you could check if there is no discprepancies between them like synchonization issue or time difference above 5 minutes etc.


Thank you! will inform this thread once we have found the issue. Hopefully it will help someone. We did have a session with microsoft support, and it appears when Outlook opens in safe mode the programmatic access resets. we are checking if this happens due to the automation or not.