Outlook needs permission every time

I am developing a rpa that reads outlook messages but always displays this messageScreenshot_1

at this moment I am in development, but I think that when I pass it to production that will give me problems


It will be better if you can use an Exchange server and its activities rather than Outlook.
Outlook will require that you have a profile set up on each server and for each user id you plan to use with it.

However, I understand if Outlook is preferred for your process. If that’s the case, then can you program clicks or typeintos to get around that popup message? Otherwise, you will need to turn that setting off for each user id on the server before you run something.



I thank you I had not seen this option, because I thought that you could not have the option of only unread messages, but I already reviewed it

Hi @ClaytonM

Is it possible to process 2 activities in parallel .I tried to fetch emails & click access request dialog. But, it didn’t worked me, the control remains in get outlook email activity till responds to access request dialog.
Let me know if you have alternative solution

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The parallel works left to right, so if the the left activity has not completed, it won’t perform the right activity.
You could try putting the activities in a different workflow then use Invoke in the parallel to see if it will do both actions, which I don’t have a lot of experience with.

Ideally, however, you don’t want to use parallels for actions that pertain to the same application, and instead code it to do those actions in sequential order.

You might need to take a different approach and use Open Application for Outlook, then click the dialog, then get the emails. (I normally use Exchange server since Outlook requires a profile and all that, so using Outlook is not something I have done much of)