Outlook - move specific e-mail to specific folder & download mail attachment

Hey guys, I am a new one here, so at first, I am glad to be here!

My bot is creating an excel file and sending that file to my outlook email with the same subject. I need 2 things:

  1. move that generated email with attached excel file to specific folder I created in Outlook
  2. download that attached excel file fo my PC to specific folder

I know that Outlook can do 1) with rules, but I need to do it via StudioX.

Thanks for help!

in studiox just add the use outlook app card and place a move email and download attachment activities inside.
this way it will work on “selected email” only. But if you place also a for each email inside the card and the two activities inside it will work in a loop for each email in that folder for example

It doesn´t work for incoming email :-/

can you give more details?