Outlook move mail defined by item.date and item.subject


First: I get outlook messages and write for each item.date and item.subject into
XLS working file.

Second: I process each mail in XLS working file in different order than item.date.
I would like to move the currently processing mail to Folder: In process.

What is the syntax for the mail message to be moved with unique identifier
item.date AND item.subject (both of them, because item.subject can be duplicate)?


Thx for any suggestions and kind regards,


You need a mail message type for that…

You can use the time and subject as filters and use get outlook mail message and pass the output of the activity as input mail mesaage here


Hi @VanjaV ,

Try following the below steps -

  1. Read all the emails through “Get Mail Message” activity
  2. Filter the matching entry amongst them by comparing the date and subject value from excel against item.date and item.subject to find the matching email.
  3. Use the matching email in the “Move Mail Message” activity.

Hi @Balaji_Murugan

Thx. What do I put / write into field “MailMessage” in Move Outlook Mail Message Activity?

Kind Regards, Vanja

please refer the response from @Anil_G , the output of the ‘Get Mail Message’ activity is a List of Mail Message. When you filter the list for a matching date and subject, you have to assign it to a variable of datatype ‘System.Net.Mail.MailMessage’. Please refer the below video for more detailed steps -

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