Outlook mail unwantedly marked read when forwarded

I am using Forward Mail activity Office 365’s package to forward the processed mail.
The problem is, when this forwarding happens, the mail in Outlook gets marked read, even though I want to keep them unread.

I am using Get Mail activity to get unread mails from Outlook’s inbox. The property “MarkAsRead” is unchecked so that getting the mails won’t automatically mark them read.

However, at the end of the process, when the program uses Forward Mail, the mail that was forwarded is displayed as Read.
How can I fix this? I thought Forward Mail might have the property “MarkAsRead”, but it actually doesn’t.
I also changed the setting on Outlook side by selecting “Don’t automatically mark items as read”, but the problem persists.

It is annoying, because this was not happening last month. Today, when I tried the program, I noticed that all mails that are forwarded are marked read.