Outlook Mail Message Trigger Shared Mailbox

Hi, I’m trying to utilize the Outlook Mail Message Trigger activity to scan a shared mailbox inbox with an example email ‘SupportEmail@support.com’

I am able to get the contents of the shared mailbox with the Get Outlook Mail Messages activity, by setting “SupportEmail” as the Account and “Inbox” as the MailFolder, but this does not work for Outlook Mail Message Trigger.

What is the proper way to configure the Outlook Mail Message Trigger activity for a shared mailbox?

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Hi! I just figured this out after posting here.
I’m using C# for my project, if that helps anything.
In the Account field, type @“Mailbox Name” (how it shows up in Outlook, not the whole email address. so in the Outlook sidebar navigation pane, it should show the account for SupportEmail@support.com as “Support Email” or something like that. If it shows the whole email, then use that.)
In the Folder field, type “Inbox”

Here’s an image to clarify