Outlook MaiL message activity

I cannot see all activities. There is a failure.


Install the activities in the laptop. i.e., in uipath studio

I have them. I don’t know why I cannot see them. Maybe because the code is not correct.

No, The code is correct. If you want to change the code plse tell me

I don’t see it to know If we have to change or not.

Please share some screenshots to see all activities and variables in this workflow.

You can see all the activities and Variables in your Studio itself i guess.

I don’t mean the UiPath activities. I mean the activities in your workflow. I mean can you take screenshots of your workflow. But I need everything in the workflow. Also the variables

It will take lot of time to screenshot for each and every activty . so could you please check from your end.

I can not check because there are missing activities. I cannot see all your workflow. The activity Send Mail is missing. I don’t know why

Please install outlook activities in your machine.

I have them already