Outlook mail is getting stuck in Outbox and sends after few hours

When I am running a process from Scheduler ,Coding is executing without exception. But Outlook is not triggering mails instantly. Mails get stuck in Outbox and sent after several hours. While If I run the same process from UiPath Robot(login to resource and run), it’s sending mail properly.Mail has attachment.
Any suggestion on this?

Hi Pratibha,

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So, are you saying, it is working fine if you manually trigger the process but delays when scheduler runs it?

If the mail is stuck at outbox, seems it is not an issue with UiPath or your bot.

Could be due to size of attachment, that it takes time to upload and send.


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Hi Arun,
Thanks for replying.

I analyze - in my code sending mail was last action. Resource might some time to send mail with attachment.

I applied a delay after send outlook mail activity. Now it’s working fine.



cool !Glad that issue is resolved. Kindly mark the solution!

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