Outlook Inbox can't be displayed in Activity For Each Email

I started today with StudioX to learn RPA. I have a Problem in the course “Build your first automation with StudioX”. I have to implement a For Each Activity for Outlook. And there i should be able to select my Inbox. But it occures a Error: “Error fetching data - Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”
I don’t have a clue what that should mean and how to resolve this problem.

@s.freudiger please check is there any email in ur mailbox?
If there is an email, check the output paraameter

Hi @s.freudiger

First thing is to select the mail in the Use Desktop Outlook app


After that you can find the details



In order to speed things up , could you please provide the following information

  • Studio version
  • packages version
  • logs %localappdata%/Uipath/logs

As a work around for completing the course , if you have a Office365 account , you could use the Use Outlook365 app card in order to connect to Exchange and then just continue the exercise .


cannot select mail in the Use Desktop Outlook app