Outlook HTML Email Body with Image shows only a Straight Line as an Image

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I have an automation problem when emailing using Send Outlook Email.

The body parameter has the ff Input:

The first two has the images properly showing when Initially received.
When we forward this email, the supposed broken image appears correct.
Please kindly refer to the image:

Please kindly advise.

Thank you very much!

This is the Body parameter input for your reference(< and > changed to ( ) as the forum is not letting me post it):
“(body)” + “(p)(img src=” + in_ContextMessageName+ " width=100px height =50px)(br/)(/p)(p)(img src=‘Legend.png’ width=50px height =20px)(br/)(br/)(/p)(img src=‘" + in_ExcelPathName + "’ width=150px height =150px)(br/)(br/)" + “body/)”

Hello @michael.db.1990

You can use Create HTML Content activity. There you can generate the correct format for adding the image.


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Hello @michael.db.1990
can you try out base64 embedding…?

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Thanks for the response!

Yours worked efficiently! Thank you Sandhu!

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